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Preserve the Beauty of Your Property.

Lay's Fencing and Land Clearing can remove undesirable trees and foliage from your property quickly and cleanly.  Our system of site preparation is designed to minimize ground and rock damage, while preserving the natural beauty of your trees and terrain. 

Bud will walk your property with you, marking and documenting exactly what changes you would like to make.  Trimming limbs and branches, stump removal, fertilizing, hauling off of rocks and debris, mowing and mulching, are some of the services we provide to turn your property into a park-like setting.


For Your Residential, Ranch & Commercial Needs. 

When building a fence, do not accept someone using a jackhammer to dig your holes!  What you will end up with are shallow and rough holes, resulting in a fence of poor quality!

Lay's Fencing specializes in tackling the toughest post hole digging jobs. Whether it be dry compacted soil, solid rock or concrete, we can drill your post holes using our John Deere tractor and Belltec auger.

Our drilling rig has over 5000 pounds of downward force, efficiently boring holes up to 12” in diameter.   We carry auger drill bits with “bullet” carbide teeth sized 12, 9 and 7 inches, along with a Puffer Bit for setting T-Posts quickly.


Expertise in Wood, Metal, Vinyl & Rock Fencing.

Lay's Fencing can help you decide what type of fence best suits your property. The main considerations are Appearance and Function, how it should look and what practical purpose does it serve.  

Not looking for the generic light weight fence panel that the big box store sells?  We fabricate onsite using a heavy duty gauge steel pipe or square tube.  This allows us to be more creative with the designs and know our material will stand up to the competition.

Specializing in acreage fencing for farm & ranch lands, we have constructed miles of deer & security fence.  Are your four legged friends of the canine or equine species?  In any case, Lay's Fencing can kennel or corral them.

So whether you're thinking split rail or picket, wrought iron or steel tube, composite, vinyl, or a wood privacy fence we can help.


Unique Creations to Highlight Your Property.

Let Lay's Fencing & Land Clearing create an individual statement for your entryway with a custom built gate and/or column arrangement.  We can even install an automatic swing gate operating system so you won't have to leave your vehicle when entering/exiting the property.   

How about a custom steel building for storage or animal shelter? We would be happy to erect a structure to fit your exact needs. Using components from America's top manufactures, you can choose the perfect building type for any project and we will fabricate from the ground up!


No Job Is Too Small.

  • We would be happy Pressure Wash your driveways and rock columns of mold and mildew with our mobile temperature-controlled heavy duty machine to give your property that "new" again look.​

  • Let us trench your irrigation or utility lines with our rock saw.

  • We can help with any Small Demolition and Removal of old barns, small buildings, concrete pads, etc.

  • Would you like your new gate primed and painted in a specific color?  We can do it!



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